Tuesday, June 19, 2012

don't feed em after midnight.

I'm going to make a post soon discussing my town and the great/awful things along with it! But for now, here's an outfit post featuring a cheap-looking wedding dress, sparkly tights, and the best backpack ever.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

moonrise kingdom: a sort-of review

Lately I've been trying to watch as many cool movies as possible before I leave my shabby town and join fellow movie lovers at Cal Arts. Basically, I don't want to be the only dweeb there who barely saw any good movies during the past few months and has nothing to say about my love for movies in general. So I've been desperately trying to cram some cinematic diversity into my taste lately! Moonrise Kingdom helped me, a lot. 

Let me start off by admitting that I have NOT seen a Wes Anderson movie before this one. I've heard of them, like Royal Tenebaums, Rushmore, and Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I guess I never really showed that much interest in them. (I will certainly do so now, though.). And right now I am trying pretty damn hard to think of the right words to describe how magical of a film MK was, BUT. I. JUST. CAN'T. It delves into everything it means to be a child in love, seeking endless adventures. 

The independent, offbeat camera angles alone won me over already in the beginning. I love when the director chooses camera angles/shots that force me to notice how """creative""" they are being by paying attention to things like storytelling in scenery, and colors, and peoples' body gestures, and etc! At first when I saw the trailer, the yellow tint that seemed to be evident throughout the whole film kind of seemed like the film was trying to be too "hipster" and too 60's... but it works, perfectly. It may not be the actual purpose for it, but I felt that it contributed a lot to the whole quirky fantasy aspect of the film. I actually hate using the word quirky to try and describe movies because almost everything right now is trying to be, or is, "quirky." I just can't think of a better word right now, I'm sorry. God there is just generally SO MUCH to say about how visually appealing this entire film is. So much. I'm glad Wes Anderson made the choices he made with how this movie was shot because those who view this film have probably not seen many films shot like this before. I appreciate it greatly, I really do.

I love comedies, but more specifically, dark comedies. I love seeing antiheroes become humanized through REAL HUMAN EMOTIONS like love and courage and anger. I love melodramatic plot lines that turn out to be a really well-woven, endearing story. This was Moonrise Kingdom, in a nutshell. Two people: one supposedly "emotionally disturbed" and the other a troubled, angsty tween (I think). Both find an unexpected friendship in each other, in a ridiculously cute way at that, and plan to elope together and settle on the shores of a bay which they later on  name, Moonrise Kingdom. I cannot fully express how important it is to me that the characters in a film are well-developed. It just seems so hard these days for filmmakers to come up with qualities in their characters that distinguish them from the rest of the archetypal characters that are so often overused or worn down in many movies today. So when Sam and Suzy were introduced then united, it was a very fresh experience, for me at least. I know the isolated loner character (Sam) and the I-hate-my-life-let-me-just-read-my-weird-books-all-day character (Suzy) have been done very many times before, but Wes Anderson had created them in a way in which they were fueled to be idealistic romantics through their weird, almost too funny to be real love for each other. 

And let me just say that there is so something so incredibly cute and funny about the whole idea of a BOY SCOUT SEARCH PARTY and a boy scout fugitive! And the beginning with the whole visual description of the family's household with the tape recorder in the background describing in detail an orchestra! I don't know if anyone noticed the significance of that whole orchestra description part, but for me it kind of set the tone of the entire movie by introducing such a grand, dramatic, over-the-top vibe. Which is exactly what Sam and Suzy's adventure was. And how about the narrating old man? He introduced a tragic event that I expected to be the death of a grand adventure, but was saved by ~ real human emotions ~. Anyways, this review is getting really long, and I am clearly just rambling now so GO AND SEE THIS FILM, and if you want, with me! We'll have a good time, I'll buy popcorn and I promise I won't eat it during the quiet parts!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

have love will travel

There is approximately 8 more school days left til' summer, then I am free. I am a bit sad to say though, that I've officially given up on working in school. I'm perfectly fine with this.
Anyways, here's an outfit from a few days ago.

  • cute plum hat - discount center
  • yellow top - discount center
  • gray skirt - target
  • best shoes ever - the homie rudy 
i apologize for the weird face. bye!