Tuesday, December 11, 2012

what r goals

Hello hello hello beautiful creatures of the Internet. The day of the end of the world is inching closer and closer and I cannot wait. It's been such a terrific year, and I can't seem to find the words to describe how truly great 2012 has been to me. God I sound like such a cliche, whatevz.

A song to listen to during this post even though it may not even go along with the things I'm about to talk about:

I'm not going to propose a New Year's Resolution, partially because I'm too disappointed with the turnout of my last one and mostly because I've come to realize that setting goals for myself should really be a daily thing and not something I'm going to become zealous about only when the New Year hits. Right? Right. So right.

BUT a goal that I do plan on achieving within the wee early months of the new year (hopefully) is starting my zine back again! Whoot. Keep a look out for ~ The Maverick ~ Deetz coming soooon....

I've accumulated so much great STUFF recently but I've honestly just been far too lazy to show you guys! I'm sorry I suck. Here's an outfit.

Flower crown - Claires
Crop Top - Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan - Antique Attic
Plaid skirt - Goodwill
- Beetlejuice tights - Retro Reload
Boots - Rose Bowl Flea Market


Although it's December, it's hardly been that chilly down here in le S o u t h b a y. So basically I can wear anything I'd wear in the fall except with maybe a coat for the mornings/nights. I still get odd looks for dressing the way I do when I'm at places like school or the mall or you know, the post office, but I keep hoping that one person, in the sea of the conventional that I so often encounter, is thinking to themselves, "Gee this girl's got SPUNK! She wears what she wants!! Fuck yeah! I'm going to start wearing what I want!" Still hoping.

I'm sure by now many people have recognized and become fans of Hanging Rock Comics (http://thisishangingrockcomics.tumblr.com/). I am absolutely IN LOVE with everything Taylor Ruth (creator) draws. It's so refreshing to finally find something that perfectly captures the tortured heart of today's teen-- more specifically-- today's teen girl/feminist/burnout/punkrawker. Anyways, I've been inspired lately by Taylor Ruth's work and I've decided to put together a mini comic series of my own, titled Kicking Back with Cupid. It's going to be based off of my real life encounters/dilemmas with the """love""" department in my life, except, you know, with Cupid (obv a fantasy aspect) helping me out.

More on the story line later! (Yes there is a real story line) Here's a sneak peek <3

Mind you, I am not a talented artist nor am I an avid comic book reader. This is merely something I'm doing """for fun.""" Also my scanner sucks so these pictures are kind of shitty. But nonetheless, hope you're as excited as I am. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

honey be reckless

Hi, so my life is a huge unorganized dump right now (not complaining) and I am still being a Lindsay Weir.

Oh, I just turned seventeen-- finally. I actually used to complain a lot about my birthday being late in the year and how I felt the need to catch up to my friends, but now I get a little anxious knowing that I am no longer sixteen, or whatever said age I am at the time. Maybe it's because I've finally realized that in T minus three years, I WILL NO LONGER BE A TEENAGER.

Being a teenager has granted me with a cornucopia of wise life "mantras," epiphanies, and in general, great life experiences that have ~ shaped me to be who I am today. ~

I miss being fifteen. I miss being sixteen. I think I hate being seventeen but then again I tell myself this every year until I turn the next age and complain about how I miss being the latter age.

I threw a wittle birthday party last Saturday for friends and such. It was a blast. I got pretty cross faded and fell asleep with my boyf on the bathroom floor. I held a friend's hair back while she puked. I danced to some Jay Reatard and New Order. It was a fab night and here are some pictures. Oh, and it was goth themed \m/

Am I mollysoda yet?

I'm hilarious
da bb <3
In other news, I've been sort of kind of working on applying for scholarships all day and in a few hours I'll be heading over to la casa de Henry Gerse to watch Jimmy Neutron and blaze and cuddle and stuff. Speaking of cuddling, I think it's appropriate to make a playlist inspired by cuddling-- after all, it is November and we are coming close to the peak of cuddling season.

Let's Cuddle. Oh, there is one song missing that I just could not find on youtube, and that's Honey Be Reckless by Paleo. I recommend you get on Spotify and listen to it anyways because it is a BYOOT! Otherwise, enjoy the rest of my cuddlin' mix! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! As for me, I'll be staying in on Black Friday fighting my consumer temptations. Morals and values ya'll, morals and values. HA HA HA I am a funny lady, okay goodbye <3

Thursday, October 4, 2012

robert and hair

Hi! This post is going to be really quick because I've been really busy with real life and overwhelmed with dumb senior stuff. I haven't been to the Rita Project yet so I don't have any pictures from it, but I promise as soon as I go I will take tons and tons and tons of pictures <3

Here's an outfit from a few weeks ago before I hacked my hair off.

Um don't you just love Robert? (the studdly man on my dress) Dress is from the Rose Bowl Flea Market, thigh garters from some lingerie store, and the creepers are from Little Monsters.

Oh, and I cut my hair because it was dead/Idk how to handle longish hair anymore.

I am now a 20's movie star. Wow this has been a really vain post so I'm going to stop now. Real cool updates soon though ~

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I'm turning seventeen in a couple of months and getting ready for college in less than seven. A lot of things right now seem to be going by too quickly. I feel like I don't even have time to reflect on my life and who I currently am. I am endlessly worrying about what I need to do and who I need to be and there seems to be no room for laughter or love or childish games. Which I really miss.

I miss being fourteen (GOD I'm only a couple of years older so I really shouldn't even be nostalgic about ninth grade but still) and I miss the feeling that THIS song specifically gives me. I recently discovered Beat Happening (UGH where were you guys when I was a sad ninth grader?!) and I think they might be turning into my favorite band, like ever.

They give me positive chills up my spine that feels like having a first kiss and being weird about it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

i put a spell on you and now you're mine.

I absolutely fall in love with everything and anything fall/halloween/MY BIRTHDAY IN NOVEMBER related so now that it's september (and even though it's still hot as balls) I am filled with utter excitement and other emotions that probably don't have a word to describe how great the amount of LOVE/admiration/giddiness is inside of me. Wow, that was a whole sentence.

Anyways, I've been so inspired lately by all things Halloween-- specifically in the witchcraft category and overall supernatural spookiness in general! Here is a post dedicated to witchery and spiritual loveliness and autumn vibes.... In my mind.

Tavi Gevinson.

1940's Halloween pin-up girls.

Hocus Pocus babes. Loving Mary's hair and SJP's corsetted dress <3

Unknown. But still, the haunting chills this gives me is exactly what's been inspiring me this month...

A very sleazy looking psychic shop, just the way I like em.

Unknown. But again, there's something so intensely supernatural and soft about this.  So beautiful.

Unknown. Like a goth Tokyo babydoll.

Unknown.  I've spent many nights driving home by myself being spooked from having just done the Ouija board or coming from ghost hunting. This reminds me of those nights. 

Unknown. Reminds me of a Victorian cult member and I don't know why. 

Unknown. How do you survive the fall season without being nostalgic almost 24/7? Um, you don't.

Unknown. She puts a spell on me and now I'm hers.

The Craft. I finally saw it, well, at least the middle and end. I'm deeply in love with Nancy's wicked character. The other magical babes don't stand a chance. She adds spunk to the dark, melancholic archetype that is witchcraft.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

degrassi babes

When I was an 8th grader going into the 9th grade, I created an elaborate fantasy in my mind telling myself that high school was going to be like Degrassi. I wanted the mean cheerleader, I wanted to know kids whose  parents had cancer or who had gotten abortions when they were like 14, I wanted to be in a band called The Zit Remedy and only have one hit single.. I had somehow connected in my mind that in order to have an interesting life, you had to have drama. And not just any regular teenage drama, DEGRASSI DRAMA.

There was a sudden urge to grow up for me, or at least, to be the cool high school girl. And in order to know how to do this, I turned to the closest thing I had that seemed like an adequate guide into teaching me how to handle lesbian teachers, shoplifting friends, parties with alcohol, and at the same time-- remaining ~cool~.

During my search for eternal high school coolness, I was going through an odd, yet totally not regrettable, 80's phase. I listened to Cars by Gary Numan for hours on end, I watched and watched and rewatched The Goonies until I was greeting my friends with, "HEEY YOU GUUUYYSSS," and I was collecting style ideas from icons like Cyndi Lauper, Molly Ringwald, and the totally cool babes from Degrassi (80's of course)

Here is a post made in honor of my two favorite style babes of Degrassi: Caitlin and Spike. 
Obviously Caitlin didn't really care what "flattered" her when it came to wardrobe, she always wore pretty loose-fitting clothing that was sometimes masculine. 

The Caitlin Ryan signature headband. There are so many failed attempts in my past of trying to do this look. Only Caitlin can do it </3

So new wave. The think I loved the most about Caitlin was that she didn't really "fit" into a certain clique in Degrassi. She flowed through different crowds and ultimately did her own thing and was still very likeable. 

Another masculine look on Caitlin. But she is still totally hot.

This one reminds me of a pirate version of Minnie Mouse. So rad.

I like to call her signature streak the "Bride of Frankenstien streak." I think it fits. I can't really tell in this picture but it looks like she's wearing a necklace with the Egyptian ankh symbol, this just makes Caitlin 103455993+ times more rad for being totally in touch with other cultures/religions!!! Ugh Caitlin <3

That hair. That brooch. That penetrating gaze.

Caitlin's outfit here reminds me of a really toned down version of Nancy Spungen. Shout out to Joey's fashion sense too.
I CANNOT elaborate enough on how much I love that print on Spike's sweater... or, how much I love Spike in general. She was pretty well known for sporting the vest/tee combo, bolo ties, scarves, turtlenecks, and even though everyone wore pretty big jackets during the winter, she sported the long coat the best.

Spike at it again with her vest/tee combo. Shoutout to Liz and her skinhead rebelliousness.

What I loved most about Spike and her style was that even though she was short, and I mean shorter than most of the girls on the show, she used her style and edginess to make herself seem far more than just the cutesy, little girl, which she definitely was not. That is a damn hard thing to pull off when you're short.

I never though spandex biker shorts and acid washed denim could look so good together.

Spike got me into dressing "punk" and somewhat "new wave." She wore skirts with clunky shoes and she wore cute cardigans with bolo ties. It made me feel like I didn't have to be restricted to the ideal feminine way of dressing. I can wear mini skirts and fat shoes with ties and still feel super hot and girly. 

I forgot to mention, I was VERY close to cutting/doing my hair to a similar style. Very close.

Let's just take a gander at Spike in her natural, cool state rocking a Smiths T shirt before 500 Days Of Summer.