Monday, November 19, 2012

honey be reckless

Hi, so my life is a huge unorganized dump right now (not complaining) and I am still being a Lindsay Weir.

Oh, I just turned seventeen-- finally. I actually used to complain a lot about my birthday being late in the year and how I felt the need to catch up to my friends, but now I get a little anxious knowing that I am no longer sixteen, or whatever said age I am at the time. Maybe it's because I've finally realized that in T minus three years, I WILL NO LONGER BE A TEENAGER.

Being a teenager has granted me with a cornucopia of wise life "mantras," epiphanies, and in general, great life experiences that have ~ shaped me to be who I am today. ~

I miss being fifteen. I miss being sixteen. I think I hate being seventeen but then again I tell myself this every year until I turn the next age and complain about how I miss being the latter age.

I threw a wittle birthday party last Saturday for friends and such. It was a blast. I got pretty cross faded and fell asleep with my boyf on the bathroom floor. I held a friend's hair back while she puked. I danced to some Jay Reatard and New Order. It was a fab night and here are some pictures. Oh, and it was goth themed \m/

Am I mollysoda yet?

I'm hilarious
da bb <3
In other news, I've been sort of kind of working on applying for scholarships all day and in a few hours I'll be heading over to la casa de Henry Gerse to watch Jimmy Neutron and blaze and cuddle and stuff. Speaking of cuddling, I think it's appropriate to make a playlist inspired by cuddling-- after all, it is November and we are coming close to the peak of cuddling season.

Let's Cuddle. Oh, there is one song missing that I just could not find on youtube, and that's Honey Be Reckless by Paleo. I recommend you get on Spotify and listen to it anyways because it is a BYOOT! Otherwise, enjoy the rest of my cuddlin' mix! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! As for me, I'll be staying in on Black Friday fighting my consumer temptations. Morals and values ya'll, morals and values. HA HA HA I am a funny lady, okay goodbye <3