Tuesday, July 15, 2014

calling for submissions ~ south bae gallery 1.o

One of my biggest small-town dreams is to completely renovate an old school bus and utilize it as an artist space for bands/shows, galleries, work stations, material trading, and more. Until then, which seems really far away at the moment, I can only think about it and trust that the law of manifestation is looking out for me. In the meantime, there are other ways to hatch this idea.

I want to see an environment, for even just for a day, that brings local artists together to showcase individuality and pride in a collective, creative setting. We beat ourselves up so much over the imperfection in what we create, and when we don't create anything, we beat ourselves up over the idea that we can't. Empowering yourself and empowering those around you may seem like a small task when the only concern seems to be keeping an uplifting attitude, but the reality is that we are all insecure to begin with, and that we are being doubted by outside powers who have no interest in the potential we have as a community to congregate and appreciate what we can contribute as creative people.

I am calling all small, local artists-- working away in their bedrooms or art classrooms-- to have their work be showcased along with those alike them. This isn't formal, it isn't white-wall gallery with intimidating lighting and city dweller strangers coming to look and glare and criticize and critique. It's friends and acquaintances supporting each other and having a good time together and hopefully talking about ways we can bring art into our communities.

It's really simple and complicated in a lot of ways.

Please take the time to check this out: http://newhive.com/trybaby95/submissions

and if you so desire, send me journal entries of you shit-talking your 4th grade best friend, sketchbook drawings of your favorite things, weird homemade instagram movies or snapchat performance art! Send me them all!