Thursday, August 1, 2013

stickers on faces, and then some

So it's 11pm and it's been an extremely emotionally exhausting day and I'm currently listening to Keaton Henson's newish album, Birthdays-- which is really probably not a good idea because it's making me feel like I need to go to therapy again. The kind of music that's sad and sweet and anxiety inducing in a really refreshing way, if there is such a kind.

"If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part." Oy, the heart strings, they's a tuggin'.

Speaking of sad music, I made an "emo" playlist the other day! Emo, in parenthesis, because I understand that there can often be a joking/exaggerated stigma attached to emo culture, and that original emo music (Cap'n Jazz, I Hate Myself, Sunny Day Real Estate) is distinctly different than what is considered emo today (Say Anything, Taking Back Sunday, Saves The Day, etc) -- which is what my playlist consists of. It'll bring ya back to middle school and your self-loathing roots, trust.

I took a very spontaneous trip to Amoeba Records today by myself, brought on by my angsty, pissed-off teenage self thinking, "FUCK EVERYONE I'M JUST GONNA DISAPPEAR FOR A FEW DAYS AND LIVE OFF OF FOUR DOLLARS AND CIGARETTES FUCK IT," but I'm home now and I guess this is how all of those stories end, right?

On the bright side I came home with a few purchases: Spring Breakers and Glen or Glenda on DVD, and this Sonic Youth tshirt:

I haven't bought a band shirt in a very long time so I'm very excited about this purchase.

The other day some friends and I did a photoshoot themed around the idea of "mystical beings." This consisted of other-wordly makeup, goddess-like dresses, and STICKERS ON FACES: my favorite part... because, stickers on faces.

M y S t I c A l ~

Skirt: Buffalo Exchange ; Dress (underneath): Antique store. I'm actually in love with the full dress, it's length goes down to about the same as the skirt, I'll have a picture next time! But I'm pretty sure the tag said it was a lingerie piece from the 40's-50's, it's super delicate and it's already starting to tear, which makes me weep.

Collar: Etsy. STICKERS on ma face <3 Makeup done by the mega babely Joana, below.

The mastermind behind this photoshoot, Joana, at Ah, also, observe observe observe her elf-like makeup! So rad.

Tree climbin', shoes shinin'. Someone referred to these sneakers as """unicorn shoes""" from Urban Outfitters.

Both my wide brim hat and hand stickers are from the Dollar Tree! So many cool things there, so proud to say they were only a dollar!

This photoshoot was incredibly fun and I can't wait to do more with these lovely gals in the near future. If you have any suggestions of photoshoot themes for us, then let me know!<3 Deuces <3


  1. I loooooooove these photos! The clothes, the makeup, the setting - all perfect

  2. Your sense of style is so great, I love your outfits they're gorgeous and suit you perfectly!

    I nominated you for the Liebster award, btw

  3. Yo Samm, I just wanted you to know that I tagged ya for 10 random facts, and here’s the post:


    K, love ya silly <3

  4. love the stickers on your faces! <3

  5. i love your blog! where are these pictures taken? it's beautiful. your clothes and hat and stickers are also super tasteful!
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. i used to have that washing machine sonic youth tee! also, i love your dress in the last pictures. also appreciate the coolness of the dollar store stickers + hat. this is a fun idea for a photoshoot!

  7. your photo shoot is so cool! I love it, you all look epic.