Tuesday, May 29, 2012

an ode to my prepubescent lovers

1. River Phoenix
- I watched Stand By Me for the first time when I was like in 8th grade and although the other character were quite.. charming, I was hooked onto River, well, mostly his character Chris Chambers. What was it? The cuffed sleeves? The cigarettes? The heroic, vulnerable persona that lay underneath his tween male bravado? I don't know!

2. C. Thomas Howell
- Okay, so most people remember this guy as Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders, or the guy in Soul Man that ultimately ended his career as an 80's movie actor, sadly. Nonetheless, he was the reason I saw The Outsider more than thirty times. I think I might have every single picture and screencap of him in my photobucket account. I saw him in The Hitcher, Soul Man, Red Dawn, and even E.T., where he barely made an appearance on. I would rewind and replay all the scenes he had in E.T. I would record his funny lines on my phone and listen to it at night and pretend like he was my boyfriend. I even made sure I watched everything on youtube with him in it. And if he was shirtless, I paused each movement he made and saved a picture. I was that crazy. 

3. Christopher Knight

- I DON'T KNOW WHYYYY i had such a big crush on Peter Brady, I. Just. Did. I think it was probably because he was such this perfect, well-rounded, all-American character and I secretly wanted to corrupt and manipulate him with my imagination but let's just not get into that.

4. Zac Efron

- Let's face it. Every girl has fallen in love at least ONCE with a Disney Channel guy. For me, it was Zac... and Joe Jonas... and Phil from Phil Of The Future... but ANYWAYS, I remember watching this movie for the first time in 8th grade and I remember thinking everyday after that, that I would find someone like Zac's character in 17 Again when I got to high school. I just recently watched bits of this movie a few days ago, and the amount of unrealistic expectations handed to Zac was so unbelievable to me, it just simply made me laugh at my intense idealism I had for him just a few years ago.

5. Jon Crier? Is that how you spell it? Well I'm really just talking about Duckie anyways.

- I have always loved Duckie. Then, and now, just the same. I will never forgive Molly Ringwald for choosing PLAIN BLANE over this, eccentric, whimsical, passionate, burst of freshness.... Duckie! Seriously, Duckie is a dreamboat. I mean, he has the personality, the attitude, the erm, intelligence, the charm, GOD, just everything! Here comes the cliche: guys like this don't exist! And even if they do, we find them annoying in real life. I realized this later on when I had to deal with real life high school boys myself. But, Duckie has always had, and still has, a special place in my heart.

6. Sid Vicious

- It's like, wow, why did I choose this picture? Sid is making an ugly face and he isn't even trying to look good in front of the camera. Besides, his attitude is horrible and it matches his musical talents! That's the point! I don't know exactly what it is about Sid, but it's something about his tragic life, and his nonconformist attitude that transformed me during 9th grade when I """fell in love with him.""" I had just recently been getting into punk rock, listening to bands like The Clash, The Ramones, Rancid, Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange, and of course... Sex Pistols. I guess it was the controversy, the shocking features, and the i-don't-give-a-fuck attitude that drew me into the life of Sid. I felt different for liking punk, and for liking Sid. People thought I was weird, and I kind of liked it. I loved Sid, and I loved Sid & Nancy even more.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

things that have been inspiring me lately.

fear and loathing

Sometimes I like to dress up. Sometimes I like to dress interestingly and pretend like I don't care what people think. Sometimes I like to wear jeans with holes JUST BECAUSE I'M EDGY N STUFF. Anyways here's an outfit from like weeks ago.

I need a tripod, really badly. I literally took this picture by balancing it on a candle and a book while having my face foundation hold it from falling. I remember distinctly.

Anyways, jacket is from the discount center and I'M SO GLAD I have it because right before I took it, some old lady was trying it on and I eyed her from a distance (like 3 feet) to make SURE she didn't take it. She didn't. Shirt is from Buffalo Exchange. Skirt is from Target. Socks are from Target (need more pastel socks) and boots are from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Pins are my personal collection.

I'm actually thinking of doing a room tour soon. A room, no matter who it belongs to, will always be your secret little sanctuary and I hold that very valuable.

Okay, I just finished doing SOME English homework and it's midnight, and now I must sleep and think about my boyfriend and life before bed and whatnot... Cover up and say Goodnight.