Tuesday, December 11, 2012

what r goals

Hello hello hello beautiful creatures of the Internet. The day of the end of the world is inching closer and closer and I cannot wait. It's been such a terrific year, and I can't seem to find the words to describe how truly great 2012 has been to me. God I sound like such a cliche, whatevz.

A song to listen to during this post even though it may not even go along with the things I'm about to talk about:

I'm not going to propose a New Year's Resolution, partially because I'm too disappointed with the turnout of my last one and mostly because I've come to realize that setting goals for myself should really be a daily thing and not something I'm going to become zealous about only when the New Year hits. Right? Right. So right.

BUT a goal that I do plan on achieving within the wee early months of the new year (hopefully) is starting my zine back again! Whoot. Keep a look out for ~ The Maverick ~ Deetz coming soooon....

I've accumulated so much great STUFF recently but I've honestly just been far too lazy to show you guys! I'm sorry I suck. Here's an outfit.

Flower crown - Claires
Crop Top - Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan - Antique Attic
Plaid skirt - Goodwill
- Beetlejuice tights - Retro Reload
Boots - Rose Bowl Flea Market


Although it's December, it's hardly been that chilly down here in le S o u t h b a y. So basically I can wear anything I'd wear in the fall except with maybe a coat for the mornings/nights. I still get odd looks for dressing the way I do when I'm at places like school or the mall or you know, the post office, but I keep hoping that one person, in the sea of the conventional that I so often encounter, is thinking to themselves, "Gee this girl's got SPUNK! She wears what she wants!! Fuck yeah! I'm going to start wearing what I want!" Still hoping.

I'm sure by now many people have recognized and become fans of Hanging Rock Comics (http://thisishangingrockcomics.tumblr.com/). I am absolutely IN LOVE with everything Taylor Ruth (creator) draws. It's so refreshing to finally find something that perfectly captures the tortured heart of today's teen-- more specifically-- today's teen girl/feminist/burnout/punkrawker. Anyways, I've been inspired lately by Taylor Ruth's work and I've decided to put together a mini comic series of my own, titled Kicking Back with Cupid. It's going to be based off of my real life encounters/dilemmas with the """love""" department in my life, except, you know, with Cupid (obv a fantasy aspect) helping me out.

More on the story line later! (Yes there is a real story line) Here's a sneak peek <3

Mind you, I am not a talented artist nor am I an avid comic book reader. This is merely something I'm doing """for fun.""" Also my scanner sucks so these pictures are kind of shitty. But nonetheless, hope you're as excited as I am.