Wednesday, May 23, 2012

fear and loathing

Sometimes I like to dress up. Sometimes I like to dress interestingly and pretend like I don't care what people think. Sometimes I like to wear jeans with holes JUST BECAUSE I'M EDGY N STUFF. Anyways here's an outfit from like weeks ago.

I need a tripod, really badly. I literally took this picture by balancing it on a candle and a book while having my face foundation hold it from falling. I remember distinctly.

Anyways, jacket is from the discount center and I'M SO GLAD I have it because right before I took it, some old lady was trying it on and I eyed her from a distance (like 3 feet) to make SURE she didn't take it. She didn't. Shirt is from Buffalo Exchange. Skirt is from Target. Socks are from Target (need more pastel socks) and boots are from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Pins are my personal collection.

I'm actually thinking of doing a room tour soon. A room, no matter who it belongs to, will always be your secret little sanctuary and I hold that very valuable.

Okay, I just finished doing SOME English homework and it's midnight, and now I must sleep and think about my boyfriend and life before bed and whatnot... Cover up and say Goodnight.


  1. really cool outfit! i really really love your jacket. haha and im also in need of a tripod!! i can relate to the balancing of the camera on the book scenario like crazy

  2. thank you! and yes it has become a very difficult skill to master for me... haha