Tuesday, December 11, 2012

what r goals

Hello hello hello beautiful creatures of the Internet. The day of the end of the world is inching closer and closer and I cannot wait. It's been such a terrific year, and I can't seem to find the words to describe how truly great 2012 has been to me. God I sound like such a cliche, whatevz.

A song to listen to during this post even though it may not even go along with the things I'm about to talk about:

I'm not going to propose a New Year's Resolution, partially because I'm too disappointed with the turnout of my last one and mostly because I've come to realize that setting goals for myself should really be a daily thing and not something I'm going to become zealous about only when the New Year hits. Right? Right. So right.

BUT a goal that I do plan on achieving within the wee early months of the new year (hopefully) is starting my zine back again! Whoot. Keep a look out for ~ The Maverick ~ Deetz coming soooon....

I've accumulated so much great STUFF recently but I've honestly just been far too lazy to show you guys! I'm sorry I suck. Here's an outfit.

Flower crown - Claires
Crop Top - Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan - Antique Attic
Plaid skirt - Goodwill
- Beetlejuice tights - Retro Reload
Boots - Rose Bowl Flea Market


Although it's December, it's hardly been that chilly down here in le S o u t h b a y. So basically I can wear anything I'd wear in the fall except with maybe a coat for the mornings/nights. I still get odd looks for dressing the way I do when I'm at places like school or the mall or you know, the post office, but I keep hoping that one person, in the sea of the conventional that I so often encounter, is thinking to themselves, "Gee this girl's got SPUNK! She wears what she wants!! Fuck yeah! I'm going to start wearing what I want!" Still hoping.

I'm sure by now many people have recognized and become fans of Hanging Rock Comics (http://thisishangingrockcomics.tumblr.com/). I am absolutely IN LOVE with everything Taylor Ruth (creator) draws. It's so refreshing to finally find something that perfectly captures the tortured heart of today's teen-- more specifically-- today's teen girl/feminist/burnout/punkrawker. Anyways, I've been inspired lately by Taylor Ruth's work and I've decided to put together a mini comic series of my own, titled Kicking Back with Cupid. It's going to be based off of my real life encounters/dilemmas with the """love""" department in my life, except, you know, with Cupid (obv a fantasy aspect) helping me out.

More on the story line later! (Yes there is a real story line) Here's a sneak peek <3

Mind you, I am not a talented artist nor am I an avid comic book reader. This is merely something I'm doing """for fun.""" Also my scanner sucks so these pictures are kind of shitty. But nonetheless, hope you're as excited as I am. 


  1. I love your comics!!! I can see the inspiration from Taylor Ruth, but you definitely have your own style. I especially love the way you draw your hair. I'm trying to get into drawing, even if it's just little doodles, but I'm pretty shit at it.

    1. thank you muchly. you should!! just draw whatever your heart desires, and don't give a fuck if it isn't good because i'm sure it is!

  2. your comics are perfect! ah talking to cupid- such a solid idea i love it and all your illustrations are so detailed and unique<3 also your outfit is the best (as always)

    1. eeeep thank you that means so much coming from you :3

  3. I love your outfits! You do got spunk. I can't find a place to follow you so you're bookmarked :)

    1. thanks!! ahh i'm sorry i'm not quite sure how to put a follow button on my page... it's sad i know

  4. i totally agree with the new years goal thing, i have never set a new years resolution (with the exception of one year, where i stopped eating fast food in like september but made it official with a new years resolution)
    I love your hair and your outfits btw you look so cool!