Wednesday, July 10, 2013

hot hot summer

So I thought I'd take the time to finally do a post on SUMMER VIBES and how I feel exactly about summer in general.

I realize that summer is kind of a lot of peoples' favorite time of the year-- since it's often associated with parties, vacations, teenage freedom, and more. Honestly though, I've always romanticized summer during times of the year when it WASN'T around, dreaming about hot fudge sundaes and sitting on rooftops at odd hours of the night-- but when summer actually does come rolling around, my fantasies turn into realities I eventually come to loathe: body image insecurities, always being broke, and being consumed by Netflix from dusk til dawn (which really isn't a bad thing... to me, I think.)

So the point is, I really don't dig summer all that much. I am infatuated with summer NIGHTS, but summer in general... not so much. I personally tend to associate summer with images of loneliness and longing: a 15 year old girl sitting at the curb of a gas station late at night, waiting for a van full of strangers to come pick her up to take her to god knows where. I also like to associate summer with images of a bustling world and unapologetic recklessness. Three friends sneaking into their old high school to get drunk and climb trees. Cops are in sight and they hop the fence into someone's backyard. They take a swim in the person's pool for a bit.

Summer can be pretty for a lot of people. It can be daisies in your hair, lemonade on your patio, and taking naps in the backseat of a car on the way to Arizona.

It can also be pretty rough around the edges for a lot of people. Summer is fast food bags at the bottom of your car (a.k.a me), bleeding at a punk show but crowd surfing anyways, and digging through the bottom of your purse to try and find the five dollar bill you could've sworn you had in there.

All in all, summer is what you choose to make of it. Whatever choice that may be, doesn't necessarily have to be the "wrong" one. If you want to spend your summer making it a goal to watch all of the movies in the romantic comedy section on Netflix, then all power to you! If you want to spend your summer hanging out with strangers in strange places with strange herbs, then all power to you (as long as you're safe I guess).

Just remember to not romanticize summer as this one, sole image that you expect yourself to live through. It isn't, it can be anything you want it to be and you can associate anything you want to with it.

A friend showed me this video almost a year ago and it made me pretty uncomfortable, in a good way (if there is one). It's an example of how the thought-to-be pretty aspects of summer can indeed turn raunchy and very, very weird.

Here's a mix I made earlier today filled with glorious, dreamy summer songs!!! Listen to it as you browse through the following pictures.

And here are a few photos that I found lurking on the ~internet~ that I think are perfect with associating my feelings towards summer:


  1. Ahaha my summers are lonely too, all my friends go off to summer camp and I am left to do endless amounts of summer work :P I really like the last photo, so cute!!

  2. I love this post so much! I agree whole-heartedly with your opinion of summer, and those images that you've painted are very similar to my own ideal summer. Just found your blog, just followed! <3

  3. Lovely post! Summer sometimes just doesn't live up to its expectations after having hyped it up as a huge and luxurious break throughout the year... and yet we all do it. And the pictures are great (I really like the girl on the couch it is like a prettier and more elegant version of me on holiday mode). Following you :)