Wednesday, August 28, 2013

movin' along

First, a favorite song right now:

Hi! Life is pretty much opening new doors for me and such right now (I'M IN COLLEGE?) so I've been somewhat busy trying to organize the beautiful mess around me which has been consisting of, moving out of my parents' home, adjusting to living in the city, going to school, trying to find a job, and  still trying to have fun/be social/whatever.

I recently moved to Santa Monica with my friend Mariano to be nearer to school. So far, I've had very little use of my car, since students at Santa Monica College get free bus rides (this makes me extremely happy). Although I've eased up on my gas usage, I am still being fully supported by my parents financially to live in this here ol apartment, so it's still something I'm struggling with-- especially when I'm trying to claim myself as an """independent college student.""" But for those of us in the same circumstance right now, we all know this is an almost impossible feat during our first few years in the REAL WORLD.

A tolerable, cozy place for cozy people :-)

My sexy ass roommate who gets bottom bunk.. :/

Summer 2k13 was good to me. I can say this fully satisfied because I got to ride up to Oakland to end my very last summer before college. My friends Celina, Alek, and I stocked up on snacks and edibles to prepare ourselves for the seven hour bus ride to the bay. It sounds like a pain in the ass, but considering that the bus was a double decker (never been on one before) and that there was FREE WIFI I really did not have much to argue with.

I got to finally see my friend Ned in his beautiful, physical form after not having seen him in a year! This is me actually toning down my overly-enthusiastic feelings about all of this-- I had missed him dearly. There is a reason why the term "crucial homies" exist and Ned is it. 

Ned basking in the glorious Oakland summer sun.
My four days there were fabulously spent catching up on old times, Netflixing our nights away, scootering all over Haight & Ashbury, and cruising around Piedmont for fish tacos and good sushi. Oh, and having one terrible public transportation encounter where my friends and I were threatened, but anyways San Francisco is FAB. No sarcasm, I truly to think San Francisco is an amazing place and wouldn't mind going back one or two or nineteen times.

A gloomy day at Golden Gate Park trying to find acid, but not succeeding.

West Oakland.
My first day of school was officially yesterday, and before then, I had been obsessively searching up really cliche and basic college tips to try and calm my anxieties about the first day. Like, what kind of supplies do you need, where do you go when you need this or that, HOW DO YOU EVEN MAKE FRIENDS??? 

After hours of rereading the same articles telling me how to avoid the Freshman 15, I came across a fresh n' lovely "Sad Girls Guide to: College." I'm going to college. I am a sad girl. This article was written for ME.  

I wish more things were written like this: honest, humorous, and extremely relatable-- not like some weird WikiHow search that tries to teach you how to DO college in like, 6 steps. You know? Anyways, I'm very much looking forward to more Sad Girls Guides, hopefully one comes some time soon that teaches me how to make some goddamn friends. I'm joking though, I made a friend on the bus today. We talked about Miley Cyrus... which, in all honesty, deserves an entirely separate post from this one. Oy vey.

The fact that summer is over throws me off a little, it was so good! There were so many night spent being drunk waiting for boys to call and so many more nights getting stoned and eating snacks! Goodbye summer.

My friend Max's wall.

Snacks on snacks.
I'm going to start journaling my exact feelings and thoughts during my first few weeks of college because, honestly, this is kind of a big turning point in my life and it'd be cool if it didn't end up a blur. 
I'm also going to start listing and writing about some of my weekly favorite things, whether it's lipstick, or microwavable late-night food. 

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