Wednesday, June 25, 2014

over it, new directions!

Aight, I'm over it. I did the whole cutesy/quirky fashion blogger thing, I thrifted, I posted. I talked about my life and my happenings, that was chill, but looking back that was kind of boring. Maybe I'm just a boring person, I dunno. Maybe I just constantly thrive on change and regardless of the long ass hiatus I've taken to reevaluate my URL and IRL presence, it's time for a new direction. 

Here's what's coming soon ~

 The South Bay is having a cool ass show in Carson this Saturday featuring some really chill local, punk bands. I'm supporting the homies and helping film Bananamoose play. I'm also going to be doing some covers on the banjolele with my pal Alitzah on the ukelele.
 I finally finished my documentary a couple months ago and am now trying to put together a DIY screening for free in my local hood! If anyone in the Carson/Torrance/etc area is down to let me use any space they have (i.e. garage, backyard), please please hit me up!
 I've started an online collection for WOC to come together and express social commentary through writing and art. Currently looking for submissions. More details soon.
And for funs, the aesthetics of my iPhone camera roll in a side-by-side photoset. 

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