Monday, July 2, 2012

a hair history.

The very first time I EVER dyed my whole head an unnatural color. I believe this was some time over a year ago? It was supposed to be dark blue and came out horrifically wrong-- you can't really tell here, and got worse and worse as the days went on.

So once it faded out, ridiculously, I redyed it a tealish color. Which was pretty nice for a while!!!

Ugh I dyed my hair a really ugly purple last summer. It was horrible. I hated it. Don't want to talk about it.

So I quit being an entire head of unnatural hair for a while because the fading out process was very, very irritating and I went... brown and orange??? I had been wanting to go orange for a very long time and I pictured it differently sooooo, it was.. okay. This orange color was the best though. It was my first time using Directions and sadly it went too soon </3

Manic Panic Electric Banana was SUCH a cool color. I think I'd do it again, except this time I'd curse the people who called me highlighter head. Whatevs. It faded to a really nice yellow too... and this was around Halloween time! So perfect. I miss you.

I was just completely brunette for a few months after electric banana and then I turned into this. I actually think this might be one of my favorite hair color combos. Red Wine and Plum. IT FADED SO NICELY, not all hair colors fade nicely for me! I am so eternally grateful. Too bad the red was a bitch to bleach out. Wah.

The bleaching aftermath of the red/purple.

It was supposed to be sea foam green and sky blue!!!! But pastels do not want to work with me so this didn't last very long. Plus my hair looked uber dead.

Me, now. Hi.

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