Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been trying really hard to compose a well-written post about my experience at CSSSA but it's been taking too damn long and I've been getting distracted. So here's a post about clothes instead. I went to the discount center yesterday and got a few really nice things for only under $30, I was ecstatic. I thought I was going to reach at least $50, but then I remembered I wasn't at Goodwill and therefore the clothes were cheaper. Here they are. 
A babydoll dress! And it's a pastel too, so that's a plus. It's really fucking short and it sort of looks like lingerie on me, but that's okay. 

Another babydoll dress. This one reminds me of a my little pony picnic blanket.  It looks boring in this picture but it is really flattering for da curvy ladies <3 aka me.
Lately I've been really into lingerie-looking garments, so I was really into this  when I found it in the racks. I love the little  flower at the peak, it reminds me of little girls' underwear.

Another thing I've also been obsessing over lately: plaid. Mostly in skirts, but when I found this blouse and tried it on, it made me feel extremely """hot""". There's something so dangerously appealing to me about tight crop tops with a catholic school girl's skirt fabric.

It's like being a surfer bro on acid when I'm wearing this. (Not that I've ever surfed or have been on acid.)

Definitely going to make turtle neck sleeveless tops ALL THE RAGE this fall, yeah. But I just really like this color/fabric

I've been loving my body more and more lately and although my stretch marks and cellulite still bother me quite a lot, I'm slowly starting to try and rock it the ugly parts. Or at least, the parts that I find ugly. It's not easy for me to fully accept that my appearance is beautiful and to devote myself to loving and treating my body as a temple. This is a hard obstacle for me, it always has been. But today I felt pretty, and goddamnit I was. 

Collar: DIY ; Dress: Discount Center ; Socks: Stepdad's ; Shoes: Little Monsterz

Orange victory tolls feat. my room.

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  1. love the "acid" shirt, U look uber cute in Ur dress :)