Monday, August 27, 2012

mickey d's and f21

Although it's still been pretty damn difficult for me to adjust being here at home after spending a month long in YOOTHTOPIA, I actually had a pretty decent Sunday spend with some friends. I got to get dressed and had my makeup done by the wonderful Joana. We strolled around town-- McDonald's, the mall-- to have fun for a small photo shoot. Here are some pictures...

Me being super suave.

Literally a Covergirl ad.

Fast food and gossip.
<3 Forever 21.
Me being a sassy teen.

I never thought I'd enjoy a day at the mall so fondly as I had on Sunday. I've somehow adapted the mindset that malls/department stores/all retail corporations are EVIL and POISONOUS. (I had a really frustrating experience at a Walmart one or two or five times and I really fucking hate that place.) But I still enjoyed myself and oddly enough, I enjoyed the stares we were getting from strangers because we were "dressed up" and we looked "our of sorts." A few days ago I read Arabelle's (Fashion Pirate) reply to another post by a girl I do not follow, about how this "weird girl trope" is becoming a means to identify what a smart, creative, funny, empowering female looks like. Arabelle basically defended herself by simply saying that she doesn't feel the need to validate herself and the choices she makes towards her appearance, and that how she chooses to look is an intimate form of her own interpretation of self expression. I've been at a loss. I agree with both of these ladies. I do look like what a feminist today, or on the internet, would look like. I carry that appearance, this "weird girl" obsession. I've started to question myself lately, wondering whether I look the way I do as a crutch to mask myself from being read easily by those around me. Or if I truly am invested in this new way that I'm expressing myself and that I just so happen to be drawing inspiration from this erupting new circle of feminists... I don't know. I don't want to be directed to look a certain way in order to be deemed as "creative, smart, funny, empowering," but I also don't want to look like/be like what everyone expects me to look/be. I am very conflicted.

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  1. i love the hair colour as always :3 you and your friends are gorgeous <3