Monday, September 17, 2012

i put a spell on you and now you're mine.

I absolutely fall in love with everything and anything fall/halloween/MY BIRTHDAY IN NOVEMBER related so now that it's september (and even though it's still hot as balls) I am filled with utter excitement and other emotions that probably don't have a word to describe how great the amount of LOVE/admiration/giddiness is inside of me. Wow, that was a whole sentence.

Anyways, I've been so inspired lately by all things Halloween-- specifically in the witchcraft category and overall supernatural spookiness in general! Here is a post dedicated to witchery and spiritual loveliness and autumn vibes.... In my mind.

Tavi Gevinson.

1940's Halloween pin-up girls.

Hocus Pocus babes. Loving Mary's hair and SJP's corsetted dress <3

Unknown. But still, the haunting chills this gives me is exactly what's been inspiring me this month...

A very sleazy looking psychic shop, just the way I like em.

Unknown. But again, there's something so intensely supernatural and soft about this.  So beautiful.

Unknown. Like a goth Tokyo babydoll.

Unknown.  I've spent many nights driving home by myself being spooked from having just done the Ouija board or coming from ghost hunting. This reminds me of those nights. 

Unknown. Reminds me of a Victorian cult member and I don't know why. 

Unknown. How do you survive the fall season without being nostalgic almost 24/7? Um, you don't.

Unknown. She puts a spell on me and now I'm hers.

The Craft. I finally saw it, well, at least the middle and end. I'm deeply in love with Nancy's wicked character. The other magical babes don't stand a chance. She adds spunk to the dark, melancholic archetype that is witchcraft.


  1. yaaaarg i'm so into this post right now!!!!! pumped 4 the season

  2. I cannot even wait for halloween. It is the best time of year. I have some of these pictures on my tumblr and totally get the vibes and am so inspired <3

    1. me neither <3 thank you, there will be more to come.

  3. aw these are rad, LOVE the 4th one - let me be a victoriana wraith girl xxx